Decoder and satelite discussion

Anybdy else using?I just bought n now trying to shoot skynet or indovision or etc etc…

I’m using it…watched lotus & channel news asia most of the time

highlight FTA channels. broadcast quality better than terrestrial such as astro and unifi

lotus - good hollywood & french movies channel but too much recycled. Chinese subtitles real turn-off.
channel news asia - they talks a lot quote lots of financial figures but you get no information from them, cannot stand the way their phoney newscasters stressing on every vowels. good channel to observe news on Malaysia.
bloomberg - good financial news
nhk english - program is balm for a tired soul. so peaceful their program
france 24 - good channel to watch on middle east issue
russia today - getting propagandastic, ever since Crimea issue, cannot be trusted anymore
al jazeera - leans too much on islamic issue and program but have nice documentaries
transTv - good recycled hollywood movies . Malay subtitles also a turn-off.
filmworld - latest bollywood movies, loud irritating Pakistani advertisements.
kctv - good for laugh. north korean propanganda channel.
rtb - dont even go there. you will knock off deep sleep 10 minutes into any rtb program. religion overload channel.

the rest is regional non English all FTA mostly Chinese , Indian and Arabic but whats the point if you dont speak the languages, so sad to say paid channels has almost all the advantages, English channel contents-wise, unless you dont mind supporting pirate servers.