Dead line for Ah Long


Wednesday December 6, 2006

Dead line for Ah Long


KUANTAN: The Dec 15 deadline for prepaid handphone users to register will also spell a dead line for Ah Longs (loan sharks).

Deputy Internal Security Minister Datuk Fu Ah Kiow said the fight against Ah Longs would have more bite once the deadline was up.

Most loan sharks, he said, used prepaid phone cards and this made it difficult for police to trace them.

Although the police have calling cards and handbills advertising illegal moneylending services, the culprits whereabouts cannot be traced, he said after visiting Penor Prison near here yesterday.

But once the deadline is up, we will be able to extract information from the registered line. We hope the move will deter loan sharks from offering their services so blatantly.

There have been countless reports of loan sharks charging exorbitant interest rates and using strong-arm tactics to force borrowers to settle their debts. Ways used by Ah Longs to intimidate those failing to repay their loans include splashing red paint on their homes or business premises.


I remember once they even put their name cards on my car windshield. Even the namecard was persistent in staying on the windshield as I was driving 1000kph to get rid of it…

Yeah mine too…It was a brochure and it stay there the whole day not letting go…Anyway…It is good to know that this could resolve by this way, I mean having prepaid registered and easily knowing who used them. But the trouble is what if the card is stolen…?? and used to frame you??