Did anyone know where can i get for DDR1 ram for 1gb one?

you still can get it at pc image or any computer shops. all you need to do is to hunt the item. :slight_smile:

For notebook or desktop ?

i search computer shop at around miri, most of them don’t have…

for desktop one…

Hard to get 1gb ddr, below than that i think still able to find, maybe 512mb ?

buy 2nd hand one from lowyat forum?

i got second hand 1… 512MB… haha

last time saw at it com 1gb ddr 1 Rm 160++

Can u let me know where can i get it?

IT Com at which shopping complex?

u know where to get it?

IT Com at which shopping complex?[/quote]


i did went bolibird to ask before, all of them say not stock… maybe not luck i think to get it…haha

old ram is expensive but new type of ram so cheap. so time to upgrade.

I have one or two you can have for free…but they’er not 1GB…

right? reli i can have it free? :oops: or just re-sell to me, it’s ok one…

New DDR1 price is RM 130+++ … you sure you really want new one???

anyone got any lappy ddr ram? helping relatives to look for it too… looking for 512mb or 1gb only… TQTQ…