DCM: No live bullet ever used in any anti-rabies ops

KUCHING: Deputy Chief Minister Datuk Amar Douglas Uggah has reiterated that no live bullet has been or will ever be used in the statewide anti-rabies operation.

The chairman of the State Disaster Management Committee (JPBN) pointed out that this was not an option as those involved in the operation would only use tranquiliser guns, and not firearms with live ammunition.

“With the commencement of the eighth phase of the operation taking place in Miri and Limbang today (yesterday), there is no need for members of the public there to believe otherwise,” he said in a statement issued yesterday.

Uggah’s statement was made in response to social media posts by irresponsible netizens who alleged that the operation had been using live bullets.

“Do not believe them or be unnecessarily alarmed. The armed police and army personnel accompanying the operation teams are there to provide security coverage,” stressed Uggah.

Meanwhile, the Deputy Chief Minister called upon all dog owners in Miri and Limbang divisions to provide their fullest support to the operation.

“Rabies is a deadly disease. Ever since the outbreak in 2017, we have recorded 21 fatalities.

“(The purpose of) our Anti-Rabies Operation (Ops Rabies) is to vaccinate the dogs owned by those in Miri and Limbang. The strays will be targeted for removal,” he added.

According to Veterinary Services Department Sarawak director Dr Adrian Susin Ambud, the sweeping teams and his department had carried out mass and house-to-house vaccination exercises ever since the operation commenced on March 1 this year – it covered areas from Lundu to Bintulu.

He disclosed that a total of 25,834 dogs had been vaccinated, and 8,863 had been removed.

“Our aim is to vaccinate 70 per cent of the estimated 205,000 dog population across Sarawak in order to provide good herd immunity.

“This will also allow us to effectively stop further spread of rabies among dog population; thus, preventing enzootic transmission to humans.”

To date, some 149,003 – or 68 per cent – of dogs across Sarawak have been vaccinated.

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