Dayak NGOs want government to set up NCR land commission

MIRI: The government should set up a Native Customary Rights (NCR) land commission to oversee all matters related to NCR.

In making the call, Capt Collin Imran and Wellie Henry Majang, believed that this would help look into and help the Dayaks in such matters.

“The Dayak elected representatives (YBs) should also stand firm beside their community who are involved in any dispute over NCR issues.

“And all outstanding court cases concerning NCR lands be withdrawn and arbitrated in a more amicable manner,” they said in a joint press statement to The Borneo Post yesterday.

Collin is the Sarawak Dayak Association (Pedas) president and Wellie is the founder of Dayak Think Tank Group (DTTG) with members comprising Dayak professionals and intellectuals across the country.

Booth Collin and Wellie supported the call by Deputy Chief Minister Tan Sri Datuk Amar Dr James Masing to revoke all licences issued to plantation companies which were employing thugs in resolving land disputes with longhouse Dayaks.

On individuals who were directors and shareholders in such plantations, they should be suspended from participating in other plantations, they opined.

They also reminded members of the community to cease working for such plantations.

“We are not opposing the NCR development, but all developments must benefit both parties,” Collin and Wellie said.