Daun Ketapang/Indian Almond Leaves

Does anyone know where can i get daun ketapang or in english indian almond leaves?or anything of its kind… :slight_smile: been asking searching around but end up found nothing.

can i know what’s the purpose of that daun ketapang? perhaps can further elaborate on the daun ketapang description as some of us may have seen or know about it just that wasnt aware of its name.

It was something that used as conditioner for fighthing fish(betta). Saw it from some online resource.
The leaves known as Ketapang or wild almond leaves in some places, comes from a tree known to produce a chemical that defends itself against insects and parasites. When the dried leaves falls into water, a strong brown dye is given off. The dye contains organic acids humic and tannins. The water which is darken to a yellowish brown (tea-like color) after a few days. It benefits the betta fish by hardening their scales and the darken tea-like color is same with the fish’s habitat(fish like it).

hmmm.hmmmmm…the daun looks ranggup, tasty to eat,yam yam.

the fishy fishy sure like eat it like me.hmm.hmmmmm…enak.

==" guess no one knew it…

Johnny…u can use dried banana leaves also…

Is it??I never knew…Btw, I saw the Indian Almond Leaves d…Must be shocking if I told you I found it at Bekenu beach…lolx

u shud have collected more and bring it back to Miri…

you can get from Ikaboria at pujut 7 road, cheers

which area in Bekenu? Bungai?

Ikaboria have it? sell or what?

i ever used for my fighting fish and its worked. but dun give too much. :slight_smile: