Danger on the road

Source: http://thestar.com.my/news/story.asp?file=/2006/5/14/nation/13761118&sec=nation

Sunday May 14, 2006

Danger on the road


PETALING JAYA: Thinking about souping up your engine or fitting bigger wheels on your car?

Well, think again! You are not only flouting the law but also endangering your life and those of other road users.

Dont gamble with your lives and just follow the rules, warned JPJ director-general Datuk Emran Kadir.

He said the technical rules on car modifications were listed in the JPJ website. The rules state our stand on the matter. They should be followed.

Car modification experts Aaron Goh and Ben Mah, who run a car modification shop in Bandar Sunway here, said a radical modification like upgrading a cars engine meant that the cars suspension and brakes have also to be upgraded to match the increase in engine power.

However, there are many people who do not do this, said Mah, adding that changing engines and the size of wheels required JPJ approval.

If a driver increases his engine capacity by 200cc or 300cc, it would not really affect a cars safety.

But what many people are doing is upgrading their 1,300cc engines to 2,000cc turbo-charged ones.

This will dangerously affect the handling of the

car, unless the brake system and suspension are also changed, said Mah.

He added that the danger in changing wheels would arise when the diameter of the new wheel was different from that of the original.

This will affect how the speedometer registers a cars speed, said Mah.

He said changing the colour of the car, adding a new body kit and other exterior changes to the body did not need JPJ approval.

However, you need to inform your insurance company about changes to the exterior of the car, he said.

Regarding the change of colour for signal lights for instance, giving the colour of the brake lights to the signal lights and vice versa and adding blinking brake lights to the car, both experts said these were illegal alterations.

Goh said that this was common among drivers from the lower-income bracket.

Car modification is a way for someone to get noticed. Since they cannot afford expensive modifications that run into thousands of ringgit, this is a cheaper way of getting attention, he said.

That’s JPJ. What about traffic police? I suspect that the one in the chart that doesn’t need JPJ approvals will be needed for the traffic police.

Double standards people!

Right! I don’t understand why people are so keen to mod their cars. Guys, in its base configuration, the cars already optimised for best comfort, fuel efficiency and control. Why bolt a big wing at the back that’ll only increase drag and fuel consumption?

This is become such a norm now that you virtually cannot buy a car without a wing. I hate wings on street cars. :evil: I remembered buying a Mitsubishi Magna 3.5L AWD sedan year go for the wife and had such a big discussion with the salesman about getting one without a wing. Apparently the version of this car with climate control I want have to come with a wing? :evil:

[racerboy speak]

Wings add 50 horsepower to teh car!! It makes you look c00l!!11!! Modding cars get you the chicks (the blond ones)!!1!!!1!1!11~!!1 Putting huge wheels in ur ridezz makes you turn corners at 5,0000mph!!1!11~~!@

[/racerboy speak]

Sorry couldn’t help myself…

I still see quite a few cars with super dark tinted glass, F1-like turbo engine, those wonderful multi-colour car paint, extremely huge rims with thin tyres racing up and down in Miri like it is perfectly legal. Whereas i was almost summoned for forgetting to remove my sunscreen from the side window. :?

Ian - Thinking back, you know what?

I got married at 23, leant to drive after that and then bought my first car at 26. Guess that why she’s not blond. bummer! LOL

hmmmm …perhaps i could convince her to dye her hair when I get back to Perth…


That’s just coz all these super-tinted, chameleon colored, buzzing, droning, rhymatic horn blarring cars belong to the police themselves…

The police have too much time & money on their hands to do things like this…