Damn hot at miri pikom

Yesterday PIKOM Fair Damn hot, i hear that is indoor stadium aircon malfunction

Oh, i thought you meant hot as in really pack and happening :slight_smile:

What the exhibition in the special? :slight_smile:

thanks, will go pikom at night time.

so buy cooler pad…murah what…ha ha…

Only good thing about PIKOM = Streamyx unipack

went there yesterday. some items are pretty cheap. i like the MSI notebook with LED screen. the design is like the slim mac book. the one with AMD processor has a better spec ie. ATI chipset.

yes, i do agree with you. it is pretty stuffy with lots of people there. this year seems like more visitors. anyone subscribe to the wimax? unfortunately, permyjaya don’t have the connection yet.

thinking to go this evening :mrgreen:

went there noon time… ok. not hot.


hot??? i goin there 2morow hope wont be so hot…
price cheap o not?
gonna buy external harddisk for my daddy

will go there today…maybe morning-ish time…

Let’s come to buy ESET Anti Virus~ last day on 09/05/2010…got Special offers~!!! while stock last~ Free Gift too…come early you get it!!!~

Are the girls there hot?

sales stuff hot,people went there hot,price hot,promotion hot and sure the place must be hot…

I thought i was the only one feeling hot inside, :lol: :lol:

Easy. Human body is generating 36 C of heat multiple by how people you count. Combined with the amount of overheated PCs…I mean laptops there. Plus the event is at the ground floor where the ventilation is the worst.

nto hot leh, I was ther on friday evening after work. temp was fine. but the goods they had there er… more like clearing stock sale. NO real price different from outside market, and disappointed with the sales knowledge of the items they were selling. namely the ACER predator?? Dude told me it was gaming spec, which was the biggest mistake he ever made i think lolx. I asked him what brand of ram, wat latency? what type of hdd, psu, etc? all cant answer, then cant open the casing since it was built ni such a way, also if not mistaken no upgradability for water cooling, etc. bad casing design IMHO.

i saw a ASUS notebook gaming series…cost RM9999…at pc world booth oo…with 3D spec ,full 3D…damn awesome