Damage Rotary Structure at roundabout

Have notice a damaged structure which was built by Rotary Club years ago at roundabout at GK. Half of the structure was damaged month ago. It is under City Hall maintenace ? or it is going to be like that for the rest of its life? Look like the authority concerned never pass by that part of the road.

Worse is the Pujut 7 roundabout, jam-packed every day starting from 5-7pm. They should really remove the traffic light at the Telekom junction, that’s the main culprit.

yes… this is correct… should try to at least switch off the traffic light for a week and block off the portion of the road and see it effect…ie traffic need to make use of the roundabout and Pujut 8, 5 to arrive their destination

if the traffic light is cancel then the junction there will jam…

built another new road will solve the problem…

i didnt c any structure damage ???

ki siao during peak hour… all the cars block the way at roundabout waiting for the traffic light to turn green