DailyTech : MS Prepares to Rebrand Its IM and Email Services

Microsoft Prepares to Rebrand Its IM and Email Services Under One Roof
Tuan Nguyen - February 13, 2006 11:16 AM

MSN to focus on content such as video and audio search while Messenger and Hotmail move over to Live

Recently there was some speculation that Microsoft would be axing its MSN services because it was moving core services such as Messenger and Hotmail over to the Live brand. Microsoft however, has denied such claims and says that MSN will be staying around to focus on delivering content such as videos to users. Under the new Live brand, Microsoft is bringing together many of its communications services such as Messenger and Hotmail and integrating them to work as a single service entity. This follows much of the same direction that Google is taking with its own email and messaging services.

Reports are saying that MSN will be more focused on delivering content to users and allowing users to post content such as video. In a report by Financial Express, Microsoft is said to be building audio and video services which will offer users the ability to search through those types of specialty media. Clearly Microsoft is not letting Google run off with ideas.

I’ve tried the google built-in messenger…but it still has some bugs in it. I like the idea of other company trying to get Microsoft work and think harder; we’ll all benefit from it I’m sure.

Are you referring to Google Talk? I’ve just downloaded the latest Beta version here and gave it a try. It looks clean and plain, but certainly it will not replace my current favourite IM program [url=http://www.miranda-im.org]Miranda which allows me to keep in touch with my ICQ, MSN, Yahoo, and IRC friends in one program. Hopefully in near future Miranda will have plug-ins for Skype and Google Talk. By the way, add me to your GoogleTalk: [url=jacklww@gmail.com]jacklww@gmail.com. :smiley: