Daikin inverter cooling?

hi everyone, I n my parents decided to buy a new inverter air cond since wen i asked with my frenz all suggested go for daikin inverter …bt thn i am nt sure whats so special in this brand , before i suggest to my parents i need to knw abt the aircon too thts y , anyone using daikin inverter , hows the cooling and whats so special in this brand ???

Use this brand now, so far okay… better than brand that I have used before. i never have a problem with the cooling, for now working well.

Better you try to survey other brand also… Now many brands in the market… and the features quite similar. Ask the expert, don’t buy easily…

inverter aircon , in my opinion its really expensive …i think normal aircon aso cn give u good cooling
and d for me as long as the aircon is give me comfortable feels and goo cooling thn its fine …

if me i will suggest u better go for nomal aircon unit bcz for the normal aircon spare parts are easily to be found, and many contractors are able to do so, i dnt think for the inverter cn gt the spare parts easily bcz its like advance technology …

fan can actually satisfy us during nitghtime as well tho, the weather is freezing at night most of the time so might as well save the electric bill laa by using fan right.

why now days many people already having normal airon in hse bt thn wants to inverter ?? whats so special in inverter aircon @@? normal aircon not enough cooling ??

every aircond has enough cooling function and it is just depends on whether it is fast cooling or slow as inverter keep working at low power.
brand that has inverter like Daikin is quiet when it is turned on and of course with that function you can actually sleep well during the night isnt

for me I would pick Daikin as they have the most experience I guess?? correct me if im wrong and also their new inverter technology is so catchy that I could not stop myself from getting one for my home. sighs money has to gone somehow

yes , thats true .
bt so far i also got so many good reviews for the daikin inverter , n yes the mainly prefer is silent mood n cooling , and for daikin i gt so many good reviews on cooling part . For sure will let my parents know abt this .
thanks for the infor ya

thanks everyone for the suggestion and sharing the experince of daikin inverter …i will be discuss with my parents abt this and will be check out in the nearby elc shop.

for those who on the aircond more than 8 hours, better go for inverter due to the electrical bill will cheaper
while the normal aircond there are more suitable for normal or seldom use…