D40x Nikon SLR Body Kit + 18-200 VR lens for sale

[attachment=2]020620091196.jpg[/attachment]Bought Jan 08… good condition, rarely used… open for bidding…email me for more details : dayang.abangindi@bakerhuges.com

18-200 best price plz?thx

i bought the lens at rm3100… i can consider 50% depreciation… 1st bid : RM1500.

18-200…Nikon lens? f2.8?

uh…can you post the pic of the lens?

can pm me best price for the lens :smiley: or maybe can swap + topup a bit ?
thanks ~

swap with what? if with a compact digicam or videocam, i can consider…

How much is the D40x nikon slr body kit?

Naki… im selling half the current market price = rm2688/2

Can nego?

My younger sister wants to buy so have msn?

hi icaruz,
Im interested in 18-200 VR lens. Can it be sold for about Rm 700-800? Im looking forward for your answer. Thank You.


not yet… but oredi have good buyer… im still not sure if i really wanto let it go…

just wondering if its still available… if it is i’m interested

yup, still available. best current bid is 2500 for whole set. i will let go to this guy if no better bid.
thnkx for those interested.

Sold yet? 18-200 still available?

Is the lens still available for sale?

yes…everything still available… fungus free.