D-Link DSL-2640B ADSL2+ Wireless Router

Do anyone know the pro and con of this product, is it recommendable to use? or do anyone had experience in using this router??

I have this router, the one without the antennae. It’s very stable, but after 2 weeks it’s recommended to restart the device. I got it during the KL PC Fair last year, and so far it’s been an okay experience for me. Setting up is pretty easy and the router’s web interface is easy to understand. Pros and cons, well, there’s only so much a router can do, most of it depends on Streamyx itself. However, the router responds pretty well, and reports errors (i.e. DSL status, Internet status) rather accurately. Sleek device though =) check it out for yourself

best choice you could have ever made and i am speaking from 12 years experience of changing from modem to modem and has settled for dsl 2640. remove the antenna to use in house ,signal will still be strong but your neighbors with hacked modem will be cursing because of weak signal. best thing is use the non wireless type, that way thieves cruising in cars with wireless laptop will not know you have a computer in your house. :slight_smile:

no, basically , you capture peoples packet from the router and crack the packet , so u get the encryption, ive done ,so i know , gorshan has done a good thing by lowering down the signal, hes not only just make him self " hidden " but to illegally capture packets you need a strong signal from the router

I believe the TS is asking on the performance of the specific router. Wireless or using its ethernet ports, how does it fare to the users/owners of this particular wireless modem router?