CyberCafe 2ND Pc For Sales In (MIRI Buyer Only)

Secondhand Desktop Computer For Sales “OneSet” With (CTR"17 Monitor,Mouse And KeyBoard )
We Sell Coz of Need To Upgrade batter Pc ,
Windows: Windows Xp Professional Service Pack 3
Windows Support: Windows 7, Vista , Xp Home
MotherBoard: Intel Corporation “D945PLRN”
Chipset Vender: Intel “I945PL”
Ram Capacity: 2Gb (DDR2) Pc2 5300 (333GHz)
Specification Processor: Intel®4 CPU 3.00Ghz
Display: NVIDIA GeForce 6200 Turbocache Enable, Primary,OutPut Devies Support
HardDisk Capacity: 80 GB (Support SATA,) Western Digital WDC ,MODEL: WD800JD-002SA0 (IDE)
Games Support: Left For Dead 4, Warcraft 3, Any Cyber Games
Personal Warranty: Tested Will be Proved
Years: 2006

Each Pc just For: RM700 (Nego)

                                        FOR MORE INFORMATION PLEASE CONTACT : 0168088664 ,Chew

Left For Dead 4? must be a hell of a pc u hv thr…

What? Game support left for dead 4??

i think what he meant was ‘supported game’.

that wasn’t the hard part…I’ve heard of Left 4 Dead (1 & 2)…but “left for dead 4”? leaving somebody to die episode 4? must be chart topping game huh?

My pc almost the same as you. It can play left for dead but u must put the quality all low baru can play. But very lag and not fun to play. And ur CC so lihai oh… Create left for dead 4 faster than valve. LOL

haiyah…now i understand…lol…

how low can u go to?

I went directly to the cc to ask, that guy gave me RM450

Got PCI Express slot?