Cyber Cafe Recommendation

Hi forumers,if want to go CC to play games. Any good CC in miri that you can recommend?

progress. opposite 5050 cafe

If I have to go hang out, I would go to Progress cybercafe. Really like the comfortable atmosphere there. Got food, big screen, comfy chair.

progress too… mcc too sempit the space… lousy screen and chair… cynus also not bad if no progress…

3rd MCC

whre is progress??

im always at cynus…

[quote=“vincool”]whre is progress??

im always at cynus…[/quote]

opposite 5050 cafe

cynus at??

progress for sure. where is cynus? lol never heard of it, MCC not bad also imo

cynus is opposite sports cafe at 2020

GNA . Lol

Planet Cafe behind Permy Mall

as long as no smoking and original games then ok by me

cynus got good pc? never heard of it nor know where it is since i always play at mcc pelita. and does cynus have steam game, specifically CS:GO (counter strike global offensive)?. hehe, looking for good cc with good pc + allow gamers to use their own peripherals.

Progress hands down…
Just that some times they do have smoke smell sipped out as the smokers smoke in the smoking area provided.

I would [size=150]never[/size] recommend cyber cafe at Bintang Megamall and Boulevard Shopping Complex. Mouse damaged and keyboards few letters missing etc.

cynus! my fren open 1

[quote=“lace”]cynus! my fren open 1

good pc? can use own gaming gear? haha, and got csgo or not?

Anyone have the phone number for Progress ? I want to make a reservation for Saturday night (1/12/12) . Thanks in advance .


Thanks for the number . But when I called there , they say that reservations cannot be mad .