Cut cost from mobile network

Hi there, any nice mobile network introduce me?
feel like a bit of waste for my current mobile network, not that much of monthly data use

why must change mobile network to cut your cost? what is your current telco using? contract or ???

oh ya, wanna share with you, xpax just upgraded their quota plan, now just around rm79 can get 15GB quota, enough for u?

Use Tunetalk lah, one year active cost you only rm28, pay as you use data @ 2c/MB (good for low usage user). You don’t need to pay for unused data !!! Myself, low usage 1 year rm100-150 enough !!!

this plan seems like not bad… can stay active for 1 year
but if using phone calls they charge very high?

but i feel that is so insecure for charging by per usage…
as this xpax do come with music unlimited data with just rm3
but your telco cant give you unlimited data

active for 1 year to stay safe for your number but the internet plan is so less for me…
phone call for xpax do have unlimited

Slightly confuse. Are you saying you dont have enough data to use or you dont use enough data thats why you feel like a waste?

I think its standard rate apply… you can check how much they charge for calls on same and different telco also… If you dont call much better just prepaid.

Not only that right. I saw there are extra walla video 15GB for youtube and other service with extra unlimited walla music… i guess thats more than enough… i would think its worth because 15GB for other stuff…

but i sometimes might use much of data, especially travel to other state, seldom stay at wifi place…
if like this i dont think paying 2c/mb is worth for me… want to watch movie then much be paying a lot

oh ya, phone call also, but xpax are giving unlimited call, much worth than other telco