Custom made dog cage

Hi all, anyone is interested in getting a CUSTOM MADE DOG CAGE? Any size also available. Up to your measurement, price is CHEAP and using good quality stainless steel. If interested, please PM me.

Have shop?

Do you have no to contact? Or do you have shop?

factory. pm-ed.

Do you have quotation for the cage? How to order?

have you any sample that you’ve made you might want people to see here. are you dog breeders /keepers who knows about dog kenneling or just making cages?

pm-ed you, reno911. :slight_smile:

location of your place? I might want to view your place to get what size is ‘ngam’ with my dog. :wink:

its all custom made. stainless steel factory. tell me ur measurement and PM me your name and contact number. i call u.

If 6fts X 5 fts X 5fts how much? Last time I asked my friend it’s RM 3800 for 1. PM me the picture if available thanks.

Pm me pictures if got sample.

pls pm the price for medium size

PM if you any sample

Pm me pls!

hi all, these are samples of kennels and door grill that i have made for customers. Please pm me ur mobile number and name so that i can ask my welder to call u directly. Thank youu… :slight_smile:

How much the second one?

Hi likfoon, both for RM3800 only. :slight_smile: Solid stainless steel. If interested, PM me your mobile number and i will ask my welder to get back to you when i come back Miri.

Bump…price can nego…my welder is back to Miri. PM me your measurement so i can quote u the price.

Tag the price please ! :wink: Thanks. Cheers!

Standard size 4 ft x 4 ft x 4 ft is RM1500. REmovable. Convinient if u wanna wash the cage inner floor. Hehe. Beautiful price…

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