Curtin financial assistance preview

Curtin Sarawak is organising a Financial Assistance Preview for students who are keen to pursue their tertiary education within Malaysia and who need financial assistance.

Financial Assistance Providers such as PTPTN, Yayasan Sarawak, MARA, SHELL & PETRONAS will be here to share information on the application requirement, procedures as well as other useful information to students. The preview will be held on;
Date : 22nd Feb 2008 (Friday)
Time : 7pm - 9pm
Venue : Mega Hotel Ballroom, 4th Floor

To interested public, you may ‘PM’ me for further information.

You may also click on this link for more details on the financial aids assistance provided by the university.

Invitation has been sent out to selected big schools in Miri and interested public are most welcome.

p/s - Free Entrance :slight_smile:

received few phone calls frm interested public to attend the preview and keep it coming guys… 8)

don 4get 2attend d preview yo all, peaceeee… :stuck_out_tongue: