Curtin camp 2006

Just wanna share tis news wt u all out ter esp 2 Mirians… :smiley:

Date: 21st - 23rd July 2006
Venue: Curtin Sarawak Campus - Lakeside Area
Theme: Cracking Codes of Learning

It is with great pleasure to announce you the Fourth Curtin Camp 2006 - Cracking Codes of Learning. After months of intensive studies, we are sure you look forward to wonderful, carefree break. Curtin University of Technology, Sarwak Campus is providing you with such an opportunity where you can let down your hair, have fun and relax in our beautiful lakeside campus. You would enjoy camping in our outdoor army tents with barbeque and campfire session, mixing with students from various schools as well as familiarizing yourselves with the rich pool of course choices available in Curtin Sarawak.

The main objective of Curtin Camp 2006 is to help our young scholars to face challenges by giving them an opportunity to recharge and develop their interest in learning to even higher greater heights. During this camp, you will have an abundance of opportunities to meet our excellent teaching academics who will help you to enhance your understanding of learning as a lifelong process, exchange cultural experiences, and hold fruitful discussions among yourselves, in addition to all your camping fun activities.

You are very fortunate to be the participants of this camp, which is heavily subsidized by the our university. Total of 120 participants are taking part in this camps that comes from 9 major secondary schools in Miri.

p/s Will upload some pic in d forum after d event ends… :wink:

Thanks for the info. Is this targeted at students or anyone can go have a tour?

booo…my class a…the monitor din tell me boo…if not sure i go lol…or not…hehe

Thanks…really miss my student life in curtin (just graduate last year)…working is ok but really miss the equal playing field in curtin and everyday can learn something new…hehehe

Fyi, the camps are meant for students howeva, if anyone interested to go in for a tour in the campus, you are most welcome to do so. Just inform the Security Guards at the entrance & inform them your intention… :slight_smile:

Heehee, I just drive by them on occassions I do visit the campus… :twisted:

Heehee, I just drive by them on occassions I do visit the campus… :twisted:[/quote]

Gud on ya mate… :wink:

Hows the intake for the second semester? Many students for the camp?

[quote=‚Äúnigthwing‚ÄĚ]Hows the intake for the second semester?
Secret… :wink:

Many students for the camp?
120 participants :slight_smile:

i’ll be joining as well…kita buli the kid buat my humps dance…

Thanks for sharing the news Ladybird. For everyone’s info, I’ve moved the topic from Miricom Lounge into this Education forum due to the nature of the content. :smiley:

Damn Chill…i shud b ard when u get them 2 do tat dance… :cry: Neway, hv fun wt them 2mrw Chill… :wink:

ladybird: u work at curtin?

Ladybird is one of the boss lady there…so do not mess with her…hahaha

ya… ladybird, are u one of the lady boss there? we are all here to support u la… even if u r not… u have the whole miri community ppl backing u up so don;'t scare to be the lady boss if u in curtin la okie…hahaha…

Remember, don’t do the same like the UPM case okie… jangan jangan nanti we see u in the…hahaha :slight_smile:

No way…its going to be like them…any students act like that there…i will be the 1st one knocked some sense into them…send them to Iraq.

no my humps…lar…

they just finished team building session…

esok ko dtg kol berapa,ladybird…?

Boss?? :?: No im nt d boss, jst a ‚Äėkuli keng‚Äô bt don mess wt me‚Ķ 8)

Yes…i m :slight_smile:

LadyBird where is the pic for that CAMP… I’m dying to watch it