Cultists threatened police who ‘disturbed’ resurrection

Cultists threatened police who disturbed resurrection

KOTA KINABALU: A 44-year-old woman, who wrapped the body of a cult leader in plastic in the hope of seeing him resurrected, had warned police not to touch the body or they would die.

The woman, known only as Chu, has been sent for psychiatric observation at a hospital while the 26-year-old twin sisters who were with her have had their statements recorded.

The women told us that they were waiting for the cult leader to come back to life.

They had also warned police not to touch the body as it would bring dire consequences including death, Penampang police chief Deputy Supt Madang Usat said.

The followers were waiting for self-proclaimed prophet Ivan Tsang Chee Vui, 37, to be brought back to life in a ceremony when police stormed the house in Taman Kobusak Villa, Penampang last Friday.

Police had to force open the door of the house and found Tsangs blackened body placed in the centre of the living room.

The older woman uttered some prayers in front of the body before she was taken to the police station.

Police have classified the case as sudden death and are waiting for the post mortem report.

The women, all from Tawau, had wrapped Tsangs body in blankets and plastic sheets after he told them not to bury him as he would resurrect.

One of Tsangs family members said that he would usually return to his Tawau home every three months but for the past year they had lost contact with him. … sec=nation

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