Cuepacs to submit new system of remuneration for civil service

MIRI: The Congress of Union of Employees in the Public and Civil Services (Cuepacs) will submit a proposal for a new remuneration system to the government by the end of this year.

Its president, Datuk Azih Muda, said the union was working on gathering various inputs and feedback to be tabled and submitted to the government later.

Datuk Azih Muda

He said after 16 years of being used it was time that the remuneration system be amended to prepare for the new millennium which would be more challenging.

“We are already in the new millennium, the new phase of the year 2021, 2022 and beyond which are more challenging years and of course we want a more refined remuneration system in terms of career development, career path, wages, welfare and so on,” he said.

“Hence we want to propose to this new government that the 16-year-old Malaysian remuneration system to be amended and replaced with a new remuneration system. Currently, we are gathering all the inputs related to it and we will get them ready as soon as possible. If possible by the end of this year, we will submit to the government,” he added.

He told this to reporters at a press conference here yesterday after opening a state-level pre-retirement briefing to civil servants in Miri.

Also present were Cuepacs secretary-general Adenan Mat, Sarawak Cuepacs chairman Ahmad Mallie and Sarawak Cuepacs secretary Omar Bahrein.

Asked on the important inputs to be included in the new remuneration system, Azih said it would also take into consideration the new entrants’ qualification and basic salary, career path and welfare care after retirement.

He, however, declined to comment further on it until it has been submitted to the new government.

On the briefing, Azih said it was to remind civil servants that it is important for them to plan their retirement early as they would lose their source of income and the many privileges they had before.

At the press conference, Azih told Cuepacs that the new government could not implement the incentive (second salary) as announced by the former government in view of the huge debts incurred by the previous government.

However, he called on the Pakatan Harapan government to control the price of goods and services, so that it would not be increased at will and burden the people.

“Even if the salary does not rise, we understand, but we ask the government not to raise the price of goods and services. We are worried when the cost of living goes up, life gets harder and the size of the family is growing. When this happens, it will interfere with national productivity as the burden shouldered by every member of the civil service will cause pressure on them,” he said.

In another development, he said Cuepacs was thankful to the Prime Minister for absorbing all employees of National Civics Bureau (BTN) and National Service Training Programme (PLKN) into the Youth and Sports Ministry after they were abolished on Tuesday.