CRX 1989 PRICE DROPPED RM22000 (latest pic)

Honda CRX 1989 registered:
car paint:crystal white
engine:b20b + b16a stock head (race engine bearing)
Gearbox:4.2 (LSD) with Exedy racing clutch (just replaced brand new)



-Superb interior & oil free engine bay,Just changed all the seals,and re-sprayed valve cover (yellow)
-17" sports rim with 2 new front tyres (98%) rear (50%-60%)
-EG Radiator
-2.5" exhaust piping with 2.5 inlet sports muffler (RSR MAGIC)
-4-1 race header
-HKS Turbo timer
-CD/MP3 Player

Pls call me @ 0198855320 to view the car.Thanks. (PRICE COMPLETE WITH OWNER’S TRANSFER & JPJ TEST)

nice car… looks superb

thanks for ur support dude~ :smiley:

This car corner faster or Arta’s DC2?

i’ve got no idea

this car very fast oh. always win race at lutong. why wanna sell?

haha…not always win lah,duh~by the way…do we know each other?bcuz i got many friends in MCnet here…but i dunno thier nick :slight_smile: hmm…feels like wanna sell it,lazy to mod again.change car maybe…hehe.

his Moving on From Vtec to RB26 !!! Wahahha

CR-X can be monster in corners … = p

apu~rb26 somemore…u guyz arrr…if i know u.pls tell me who are u,bcuz i dunno u guyz nick eh.dun kacao me ah…hahaha~ :slight_smile:

thats the best thing abt virtual world…

seriously, why do u wan to sell? its hard to believe you wan to let go that car.

and why do u want a 10k car? i ahve an EE90 corolla. RM10k if u wan to buy.

the other vtec players changed to semi click JUST to test with your car. now u want to sell it? Disappointment for them…

maybe you are tired of the PRAAAAAANG sound?

Looking for Wira? Smells evo here…

haha…mod car also mod till very sien,keep wasting my $…magu bulat…fast fast tell me who are u ar…so hiong?changed jor slick tyre?oi meh~moi la…

vtec players kept losing to you, so they beh tahan la. wat else is thr to mod? already fast what.

bulat = willie ha?if not…u wouldn’t know that much things about me…hahaha…wanna kacao me somemore…

willie is different nick. no need to know who i am la. doesnt matter also. what matter is, I KNOW YOU! LOL

vtec players kept losing to you, so they beh tahan la. wat else is thr to mod? already fast what.[/quote]

eiei…becareful when u said that ah…many vtec player in miri will mad of me later,still got many geng one didnt come out nia.i’m just an ordinary b20 vtec,with 9 pcs head gaskets somemore… :shock:

u ah…age 30++ somemore…should be ah guan huh??tell me la… :?

aiyo, pls dont reveal so many names in here. whats the best price for your car?

not bad not bad…powa ops derimmmm :slight_smile: