CRuel eMArt change the law

ya…in the past,tamu e mart at the past allowed ppl go there on 3 pm…but now,the ppl jual sayur there terpaksa buka pada 9am to 9pm…this have make some ppl there feel uncomfortable there…bcoz they petik sayur at 9 am at luar they can go there on 9am?want they sell what?if ppl lewat for certain time,kena halau…as your information,they income was less and some guy are poor,if they lose this job,what can they do?the supervisor also cruel when talking…dont see ppl nothing…what you ppl think?

give some opinion leh…

agree with you…why dont the supervisor himself join larh…hehe…

the supervisor so sombong and sometimes shout at them or ask them just no need to jual and balik saja…as i know,most of the penjual ask other ppl help them to jaga stall…

i tot the Tamu Sayur there is controlled by MCC not emart management…

sabotage the supervisor…hehehe

as i know already not undercontarol by mcc…dont know which lousy guyz lah

dnt quite understand, farmers can still sell,but d time is different?? or d farmers r chased out of tat area??? … but anyway,wait till d supervisor gets a taste of his own medicine…since he is so rude.

some they not plant the vege their self…i have experience it myself by stting there only from 9am till 3pm…it is boring…what can do at that time?

inspire likes to complaint :lol:

:frowning: got meh?it is actually nothing to me…but i really feel unfair to them…they feel it

d rich will always bully d poor… take advantage of d poor… educated ppl will also take advantage of those uneducated folks… =(

haizks…rite…so sad to agree this,they think they got the power and start to bully :?