Croc sighting: Folk dependent on river for water supply alarmed

A close-up shot of the crocodile seen at the river bank at Kampung Lajong.

MIRI: The sighting of a crocodile at Kampung Lajong in Niah last week has raised the concern of village folk who largely depend on the river for their water supply.

A villager, Masrie Junaidi, 38 said he first sighted the crocodile near his jetty around 8am on June 1.

“I was stunned and terrified at the same time as it was my first time seeing the reptile so close to the river bank.

“Luckily I was standing a few metres away from the bank. I don’t know what would have happened if I had been on the jetty when it appeared,” he said when contacted yesterday.

Masrie, whose house is just 10 metres from the jetty, said the villagers depend on water from the river which is pumped to their tank using a water pump.

“The water pump is placed on the jetty. So whenever we need water, I would go to the jetty to turn on the engine.”

Masrie pointed out that even though there has never been any crocodile attack in their village, he is deeply concerned for the safety of the villagers.

“The reptile was sighted again on June 3, two days after I first saw it. It seems like it is preying on something,” he said.

Masrie also said that the villagers had been waiting for years for access to clean piped water, and called on the authorities concerned to speed up the supply.

“We already have 24-hour electricity supply, and we are just lacking piped water.

“We have been depending on rain water for cooking and drinking while the water from the river is for washing and other needs,” he added.

The jetty in front of Masrie’s house where the crocodile was twice spotted.

Source: The Borneo Post

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