Crackdown on tinted glass

Crackdown on tinted glass

IPOH: The Road Transport Department will launch a massive crackdown on cars with heavily tinted glass from next year.

Its director-general Datuk Emran Kadir said his department has obtained the nod from Cabinet to conduct the nationwide operation.

He said enforcement on vehicles with illegal tint on windscreens and windows had slowed down over the past three years.

People are taking advantage by tinting their car too dark that you cannot even see the driver or the passengers inside.

The Government had recently raised it concerns over the matter and wanted us to take action, he told reporters after opening the client service counter at Perak RTD here on Friday. … sec=nation

i hope these only happen in Ipoh la… and if they want to do it nationwide… i will be pretty angry and sad… why?? the last time when i was driving my crv which came with original tinted glass on the rear… news and rumors was saying JPJ wants to take action against over tinted glass vehicles… so i spend thousand over ringgit and get it change… sekali after i change, i did not see any officers on the road checking for tinted glass… that is why i get a bit sensitive over issue like that.

secondly… get them to check some government’s vehicle first la… and also maybe some big shot punya million dollar toys. If u have ever being to KLIA and stand outside the terminal… sometimes u see cars with 100% tinted glass… and those are single digit number plate… so those car should be target first… and not us. They should lead by example. :twisted: :twisted:

yeah, it’s stupid to go for tinted glass that COME STANDARD on cars (especially Japanese models) of which are only usually on the rear windows anyways.

btw, due to regulation somtimes they allow tinted glass on certain people - such as judges, lawyers, high ranking officials, etc. I’m not sure why but probably so that they wouldn’t get recognised and get beaten up or something…

So guess wat most ppl will say" Double Standard"… If the gov is giving a reason like those VVIP would recognised and get beaten up or something… then this is not a good excuse la… the main excuse is… they want to feel the cool inside the car even in the middle of the day… :evil:

Beside… if ppl really want to abust them… even they are in the car… ppl will also do it… furthermore… it is more easier because it is too easy to be recognised… 100% tinted… mana ada banyak di jalan… betul tak…

My though… :wink:

Heh, I was kidding about the being recognised and beaten up part… but if you’re a judge and had just sentenced a powerful convicted criminal mastermind to jail, one who when being sent away to jail shouts out “You’ll regret this!!” in a hollywood manner, I think you’re much more likely to worry about things much worse than getting beaten up.

but his tinted glass on his “super tank”( :lol: :lol: )won’t help him too much right if ppl really want to attack… so it that make any different from us?? nope… and the more we look at this… it is going to make me crazy and mad… :evil: :evil: