Crackdown on illegal gambling continues

Crackdown on illegal gambling continues

Date Posted : Tuesday 06-Sep-2016

KUCHING: Seventeen raids on illegal gambling premises, cockfighting pit and illegal character lottery were launched across the state last week, with 45 individuals arrested and cash totalling RM11,702 seized. State CID chief Dato’ Dev Kumar said the raids were held from 29 August to 4 September.

“12 of those raids were related to promoting public lottery without license while gambling in public places (3 raids), online gambling (1 raid) and ■■■■-fighting (1 raid),” he said in a statement yesterday.

“Of the 45 individuals aged between 16 and 61 years arrested, one of them is a foreigner. Forty-three of them are males,” he added. He said a raid on a premises in Miri resulted three gaming confiscated while another raid on a ■■■■-fighting pit in Sg Tuah, Kanowit saw 6 individual arrested and various gambling paraphernalia as well as 2 live and 3 dead roosters seized by police.

On the raid at gambling in public places, Dev Kumar said 20 individuals were arrested and table money totaling RM1,342 were confiscated following raids in Sibu, Bau and Simunjan.

The 12 illegal character lottery raids resulted in the seizure of various exhibits such as portable printers, mobile phones, calculators, betting ledgers and slips. “PDRM Sarawak is not letting down on illegal gambling despite some stubborn operators who continued to operate despite being raided before,” said Dev Kumar.

  • Police personnel conducting an inspection at a mobile phone stall.

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