Cpu cooling using self mod water cooling

Is my Amd 7750BE temperature at 47 till 50 celcius ok? when running at full load. temperature taken by Hardware Monitor

good temp

state your question properly la…

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update, overclock my 7750 to 3.2Ghz core voltage to 1.4v pc running fine but after i overclock it to 3.4Ghz and run prime95 test, my pc came out blue screen. does anyone knows what is the cause?

tell all your settings only people can tell you what went wrong. only telling us you set the core voltage won’t help much. include information such as motherboard model etc etc

Using Gigabyte M750sli-ds4 MoBo. I OC to 3408Mhz (213X16) and HT/NB at 2000mhz, whenever i run prime95 or other stress test my pc get blue screen

the ooxoooo1… code? at the blue screen there

try to run prime on default setting …what i mean is stock speed…

good temp~

You could at least state other settings like your vdimm, NB voltage etc. Mostly during OC-ing, when you get BSOD, it would commonly related to the voltage, either to CPU or RAM.

If you really want to get a stable OC-ed system, what you need is time.

First you will OC your CPU to the speed you wish to archieve, but try not to OC your RAM, or maybe in the range of the default speed of the RAM. Let’s say DDR2-800 5-5-5-15 1.8v, you stay around that speed with the same timing, but gives a bit more vdimm just in case. When you get a stable CPU speed, only you go for RAM speed. RAM OC-ability does varies depend on the chipset used by the RAM. For DDR2, best overclocking gems will be D9GKX and D9GMH, which is more expensive than other chipsets like ProMOS, Elpida, Hynix. D9 chipset can archieve 1000Mhz CL4 easily but not others.

You might also wish to state what RAM you uses as well.

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