Covid-19: 46 new cases recorded from 8 active clusters in Sarawak

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KUCHING (Feb 21): Eight of the 24 active Covid-19 clusters in Sarawak recorded new cases today while no new cases were reported for the remaining clusters, said the State Disaster Management Committee (SDMC).

The active clusters that recorded new cases were Gelong Cluster, Kapit with 19 new cases; Kejatau Cluster, Sri Aman (10); Pasai Cluster, Sibu (5); Jan Yong Cluster, Kapit (4); Jalan Green Cluster, Kuching (3); Univista Cluster, Samarahan (3); Kampung Sungai Maong Cluster, Kuching (1); and Sebangkoi Cluster, Sri Aman (1).

“A total of 19 new cases were detected from the Gelong Cluster, Kapit today, bringing the cumulative cases from the cluster to 83. As many as 130 individuals had been screened and 47 of them were tested negative,” said the committee in a statement.

For Kejatau Cluster, Sri Aman, the committee pointed out 10 new cases were reported with 19 individuals being tested positive from the cluster to date. A total of 92 individuals had been screened where 40 tested negative while another 33 are still pending laboratory results.

Five new cases were also detected from the Pasai Cluster in Sibu, with the cumulative positive cases detected totalling at 2,640.

“A total of 37,000 individuals had been screened for the virus, 34,000 were tested negative and 360 individuals were still waiting for their laboratory results.”

Another cluster in Kapit, Jan Yong Cluster, had reported four new cases and the number of individuals infected due to the cluster stood at 19. A total of 75 individuals had been screened, 54 were tested negative and 2 were still waiting for their laboratory results.

Moreover, the committee stated three new cases were reported from the Jalan Green Cluster, Kuching that was related to a group fight on Valentine day, with the total positive cases detected till date at 15. A total of 148 individuals had been screened, 70 of them were tested negative and 63 samples were still awaiting for the laboratory results.

“For Univista Cluster, Samarahan, we have detected three more individuals to be infected, bring the cumulative positive cases detected so far to 55. The total number of individuals screened were 250 with 195 being tested negative.”

As for the Kampung Sungai Maong Cluster, Kuching, the committee reported one new case was detected and the total number of cases detected from the cluster was at 41. A total of 150 individuals had been tested, 94 were tested negative and another 15 were still waiting for the laboratory results.

“One new case was also detected from the Sebangkoi Cluster, Sri Aman. The total number of cases originated from the cluster at 34 with 564 individuals already been screened.”

No new Covid-19 cases were reported for the remaining clusters today, namely Geronggang Cluster (Sibu), Mas Merah Cluster (Sibu), Kidurong Dua Cluster (Bintulu), Nanga Lijan Cluster (Julau), Seruas Cluster (Beluru), Jun Heng Cluster (Bintulu), Bintang Daily Cluster (Meradong), Jalan Pengiran Cluster (Matu), Tabong Cluster (Bau), Indah Riang Cluster (Kuching), Bedayan Cluster (Serian), Rakut Cluster (Miri), Bukit Sekubong Cluster (Sebauh), Jelita Cluster (Miri), Bah Sayap Cluster (Miri) and Stutong Cluster (Kuching).

There were also no new cases reported for Pasai sub-cluster, namely the Tangap Sub-Cluster (Subis).

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