Covid-19: 10 new positive cases recorded in Sarawak, total at 397

According to the Director General of Health, Datuk Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah, one of the major contributor to the improving trend in Covid-19 infection in Malaysia had been the strict enforcement of the MCO. This, I believe, is something we need to learn, accept and adhere to. Driving in Miri during the third phase of the MCO ( as with the second phase) and seeing an alarming number of cars with 2 people insides, and entering the supermarket/fish market/vegetable market seeing groups/family of 2-3 (sometime even family of 5) shopping together, shows that the MCO effort has been abused. Focus is given to the 7:00pm to 7:00am lockdown, and not during the daytime. The so-called compliance rate of 95%-97% is questionable. Seeing is believing.

You are darn right. Road blocks are just not enough to cater especially when they are not located at the right vicinity. I’ve witnessed many cars, even as big as containers coming from Lutong/Pujut swaying into my housing estate at Piasau Garden in order to avoid road blocks along Piasau/Krokop Jln Muip. My overhead telephone cable across the road was damaged/torn due to the recklessness of one of the drivers, whom I didnt successfully identify, taking his vehicle into my housing area. Having noticed quite a number of containers passing by, I reckon the vehicle must have been a big and tall one.

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