Coupling qigong and electricity for a miraculous cure

check this out … 2003054493
The master now at Miri, he will only be here for 2 month time…pls call 016-864-1196 for more information

Hey, I’ve heard of him before…

Yeah he’s in Miri now, Morsjaya there right?
From Taiwan originally… Heard people limping
in, but walking out…

He’s very good… Can cure many sickness
other normal doctors can’t…

yeah…he’s here for a week and manage to cure 3 deaf people…they all so happy coz can hear oldy…i feel glad 2…

What other illness can he cure?

any type of illness…call me and i’ll let u noe…

Is it at the shops between Morsjaya and
the cemetery? I always see many people
there… How long will he take one session?

The master can cure any illness which include body pain, stroke, migrain, and many type of disease…pls call 0168641196 for more information

ya, normally he will take around half to 1 hour time…it depend on what illness u suffer…come here and u will see the miracle!

for your information, the master has been interviewed by discovery channel, jacky go go go and a lot of program show

Wow, even deaf can cure?

That’s amazing, how much do you guys charge?

can cure people who use spec then no need use spec??


can, the treatment depend on your vision, some people can cure even only for 6 treatment

how much per treatment?

u cal me i’ll let u noe…

aiyo, need a translator if wan2 see him…
sure he cannot speak english one…

[quote=“haroldz”]aiyo, need a translator if wan2 see him…
sure he cannot speak english one…[/quote]

I’m sure there are many translators there…

I heard the people organizing this event are
locals… You one of them right roger yong?

ya…we will translate it for u…no problem…just give me a call 0168641196. Master having an interview now with local newspaper.

pls read 2day miri daily newspaper