Couple not at home when their house was razed

MIRI: A wooden house in Kampung Sinop, Bekenu, was completely destroyed in a fire on Friday morning.It is about 70Km from Miri city.

It was learnt that the occupant of the house was not at home during the 7.30am incident. Hassan Jaludddin, 77, and his wife were in Bekenu.

I learnt about the fire from my neighbours who rang to tell me about the incident, Hassan said when met by The Borneo Post at the scene on Friday.

One fire engine from Lopeng Fire Station led by (TPgB) deputy fire superintendent Ali Bema with seven firefighters dashed to the scene upon receiving a call at 10.22am. According to Hassans neighbours, Nordiana Jonny, 27, she was at home when she noticed plumes of smoke coming out from Hassans house that morning.

I dashed out of my house and was shocked to see Hassans house engulfed by fire. I then shouted for help, Nordiana said.

With the help of five other neighbours, they tried to put out the fire and removed their cars parked near the house. No one was injured. The Bomba forensic team investigating the cause of the incident.