Couple incensed by putrid chicken from Ramadan Bazaar

MIRI: A couple who purchased a barbecued chicken thigh from a Ramadan Bazaar on Friday were incensed when they discovered the meat was actually raw inside and had gone putrid.

The husband and wife, who wished to remain unnamed, had purchased the meat from a bazaar stall at the Saberkas Commercial Centre as part of their breaking of the fast meal.

However, when the wife placed the meat on a plate to cut up, she noticed the flesh was actually raw with a putrid smell.

It was so devastating and disgusting. We paid RM8 for a piece of chicken thigh, yet we couldnt consume it as it was rotten and stank. It was a waste of our hard-earned money and time going to the bazaar, said the husband.

The couple from Pujut Padang Kerbau said they were deceived by the outer appearance of the meat, which looked perfectly seasoned and cooked.

The trader concerned should consider the interests of the customers and prepare the food more carefully to ensure it is cooked and safe for consumption, not rotten, complained the wife.

Do not just think of the profit and ignore the health of consumers.

She added that even their cats refused to eat the meat as it had gone off.

The couple called on the authorities to inspect Ramadan Bazaar stalls to ensure traders practise food safety and hygiene.


I would not purchase food there during this season as it appears that some vendors are more into taking the opportunity to making money than making clean and tasty food for sale.

I remember they were selling rotten raw beef there before covered in flies.

Those markets should not sell meat products as there is no refrigeration, of course meat will spoil.

It is 2015 now, not 1505

Miri council, shut these markets down before someone dies

Are there food hygiene inspectors in Miri? They should do unannounced visits on food outlets to check if they are complying with food safety and hygiene regulations. Food outlets should be closed immediately if they do not comply if these regulations.
Oh! it’s Miri city council responsibilities - the very useless authority filled with ‘goyang kaki’ councillors who do nothing at all for the city. Once in a while you see pictures of them inspecting longkang in local papers.

a lot of my friends are getting sick (food poisoning) from eating kuey at these open air markets…

there is no refrigeration!

Don’t buy food from these unhygenic food sellers.

Miri council as usual is not doing their job. They should close down stalls and restaurants that don’t comply with food safety and regulations.

I think I need to make a complain to the USELESS council personally to get them to take drastic actions to protect mirians before any of us die of food poisoning. My complain will definitely fall on deaf ears but I will do it.

did you ever see these illegal meat sellers near the Seberkas roundabout (squatter area) ?

OMG that is even worse

Miri is starting to look like some African town now

I always suspected the food qualities sold there including food fairs. some more seeing flies buzzing around sugar canes stall and landing on on uncovered foods without the vendors showing any bother. the putrid smells from uncleared bins and clogged drains is what really puts me off.

so until the vendors themselves bothers about cleanliness and hygiene including personal hygiene, i will err on the side of caution and stays away. medical bill of a few hundred ringgits is no joke.