Counter-strike tournament 2012

Againe cs1.6 hope got css match. Or new csgo. Xsfo really awsome

wow~ teams joining? any info on this?

No info about teams joining… coz the final announcement still in progress?

LAi lor … ahaha … Rexionz u play MAT ? … SNSD clan name rite ?

I don’t have team. Anyone want join together as team then we fight until last … :lol:

But the date is 6-8 july rite??

This might be fun. for those who does not have a team, register your interest here, dunno leh can do team = P ?

So Mr rabbitx you go setup a team and i join it, the register money you settle cause you are Moderator. ( Leader/Boss ) ( JK The money i can settle for my own, if you are so kind enough i also can accept it ) :lol:

sorry i can’t organize , i am not around miri. = ).

rofl after i read this post ~ i went to steam to play cs~ got pawn till mom also dun regonized~

Hello…?? hows the cs 2012 tour??

this year july5th-7th. the register form still progressing. THX

tq :slight_smile: