Counter-Strike Online players come here!

As stated by the title, this thread is for Counter-Strike Online players to socialize. Post your IGN here for others to add you up and have a few friendly match. Also, feel free to discuss almost anything about Counter-Strike Online here from in-game to the Developers.

For those that have no idea what this game is all about, I’ll provide you all with some videos of Counter-Strike Online. If you want to register yourself an account and join us in the battle, you can go to the Counter-Strike Online Official Website. Enjoy :smiley:

[size=7]Game Trailer[/size]

[size=7]Zombie Mode[/size]

[size=7]Human Scenario Mode trailer[/size]

[size=7]Human Scenario Gameplay[/size]

Add me!!! :thumbs:
[size=7]IGN: GamerZ
Level: 20