Counsellor shares final moments with Kho Jabing

MIRI: The late Kho Jabing liked to give tazkirah (short religious talks) to his fellow inmates in the last week before his execution, according to his counsellor.

Ustaz Fadlon Osman was Jabing’s counsellor when the Sarawakian, whose Muslim name was Muhammad Kho Abdullah, was held on death row in Singapore prison.

He said initially during tazkirah sessions, Jabing would only sit quietly and listen to talks by others, but suddenly his attitude changed.

“During his tazkirah, Jabing was also able to quote verses of the Quran and hadith (religious texts) fluently,” he told Bernama when met at the at Ar-Rayyan mosque, Permyjaya here, Saturday.

He said that Jabing was also able to recite the holy Quran fluently.

Fadlon said apart from observing obligatory fasting during Ramadan, the late Jabing, who converted to Islam early last year, had also kept voluntary fasting regularly.

“Jabing had voluntarily expressed his interest in Islam and during his remand period, he had chosen to practise Islam as his way of life.

“He also often recited the Surah Yasin (prayer) before his death,” Fadlon said, adding that Jabing had also asked his friends to perform haj on behalf of him.

Before his execution, Jabing had requested that his remains be buried at his hometown in Miri and prayed that his mother and sister would receive the guidance of Islam.

“I have fulfilled his first request and for the second one, it is up to them because there is no compulsion in Islam,” he said.

Earlier, the remains of Jabing arrived at the Miri Airport at 4pm Saturday and was brought to the Ar-Rayyan Mosque in Permyjaya at 5.10pm.

Before the funeral prayers were performed, Jabing’s mother Lenduk Bading and his sister Jumai Kho, as well as non-Muslim relatives were allowed to pay their last respects.

Jabing’s remains were laid to rest at 6.15pm at the Batu 1 Muslim Cemetery, Jalan Kuala Baram here, after the funeral prayers led by Fadlon were held.

Jabing, 31, who was sentenced to hang six years ago, was executed at around 3.30pm Friday at the Changi Prison Complex.

He failed to secure a stay of execution on his death sentence after the Singapore Court of Appeal rejected his application. – Bernama