Council sets up 70 CCTVs at cost of RM91,361 at four major markets in Miri

MIRI: Seventy closed-circuit television (CCTV) units have been installed at four main markets around this city.

According to Miri mayor Adam Yii, these units will be operating 24 hours, with the maintenance and management to be under the purview of Miri City Council (MCC).

It is learnt that the project cost amounts to RM91,361.40. It involves Tamu Muhibbah (14 units), Tamu Kedayan (11 units), Krokop 10 Market (24 units) and Central and Unity Market (21 units).

“These CCTVs are among the many units installed gradually around Miri – they are already operational.

“This project is one of our continuous efforts to monitor and ensure the safety of these places.

“The surveillance is run through recording so should there be any incident, we would download the footage and review it,” he told reporters at MCC full meeting yesterday.

At the same time, Yii also refuted the allegation by DAP’s Pujut assemblyman Dr Ting Tiong Choon that the decision to adjourn the council’s monthly meeting on Monday was due to MCC attempting to ‘hide something from the public’.

The mayor said that meeting was adjourned because Dr Ting and his assistant, Miri Democratic Action Party (DAP) Youth chief Peter Hee – both acting as observers at the time – were not complying with the attire code, which was enforced in August this year, and were immediately directed to leave the meeting.

However, the two DAP men refused to do so.

“MCC’s monthly meeting (on Monday) was adjourned due to the disruption caused by Dr Ting and his assistant, who did not comply with the attire code as required by MCC,” Yii said, clarifying further that the council had never prevented Dr Ting and his associates from attending the monthly meeting.

“Their presence had always been accorded with proper recognition and acknowledgement.

“As for the unfounded allegations that there was something to hide, again we would like to remind Dr Ting that he ought to report to the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC), which is the right channel for whatever ‘corruption’ he had in mind,” he said.

Yii said the required attire code was first brought up by Councillor Ong Chee Yee during the full council meeting on Aug 25 this year, where Dr Ting and Hii were not properly attired – especially the latter who was in a T-shirt emblazoned with a DAP logo.

“On the Sept 25 meeting, the issue was again highlighted but the two (Dr Ting and Hii) were not present and the statement of the issue was published by all the newspapers on the following day; therefore the claim by the two that they were not aware of the requirement is deemed ‘illogical and dishonest’.

“Again on the Oct 25 monthly full council meeting, the two came without the proper attire – Dr Ting claimed that his shirt was his working shirt while based on newspaper reporting of his activities, he was seldom – if never – seen wearing such shirt,” Yii said.

In relation to this, the mayor said MCC would review and finalise the procedures for observers coming for the full council meeting.

It is learnt that those wishing to attend the meeting need to send a written request to MCC a week before the meeting date.