Council asked to remove trash bin near park

The trash receptacle that Leong hopes MCC will remove from the recreation park.

MIRI: A resident from Piasau Garden is urging Miri City Council (MCC) to immediately remove a large garbage receptacle placed near the residential area’s recreation park as it is constantly targeted by scavengers.

The woman, who wished to be identified only as Leong, said the rubbish bin was placed by the council at the said location two months ago.

“Since then, a group of adults and children rummage through the bin and scatter the garbage all over the place. I think they are scavenging for possible valuables or reusable goods.

“The problem is they simply toss the contents of the bin on the ground, creating problems for residents and posing danger to children who play at the park in the afternoons and evenings,” she said.

Leong is hoping that MCC will either move the receptacle away from the park permanently, or place it at the current spot only when it is needed.

The mini-bridge looks different from how it was originally built, as plain wooden planks have replaced the stolen, colourful planks.

“In fact, the council usually only places the bin there during spring cleaning season, and will remove it afterwards. I think MCC may have forgotten to remove it after placing it there two months ago,” she added.

On another matter, Leong said a mini-bridge built at the recreation park had also been vandalised by irresponsible quarters.

According to her, the bridge was built to enable the public to cross a storm drain to get to the park.

“Initially, the council made it with nice-looking wooden planks. However, one by one, the wooden planks were stolen. Recently, I think someone replaced the stolen planks with ordinary wooden planks, so it now looks totally different from the original one,” she said.