Costly mistake for contractor who hired thieving worker

SIBU: A contractor found out too late that he had hired a thief to work on his construction site, causing the former to suffer heavy losses.

The thief from Miri had only worked for half-a-day on Thursday and went missing on Friday.

He returned yesterday morning with a few more thieves and carted away the belongings of the contractor.

The contractor has lodged a police report and the police have launched a manhunt for the thieves.

Prior to the theft, the contractor in his 50s needed workers for his construction project at Island Road.

His brother in Miri introduced one to him from the oil town.

The contractor paid for the worker’s bus fare, and before the latter arrived, he bought him a mattress, a gas cylinder and a few other household items so that the newly hired worker could stay at the construction site.

What shocked the contractor is that the worker only worked for half-a-day before going missing.

Another worker staying at the construction site called the contractor at 5.45am yesterday, saying the worker from Miri had returned with a few men.

The Miri worker and his accomplices had returned to cart off two batteries belonging to an excavator, the gas cylinder the contractor had bought for him, construction tools, pump grease, battery cables and other items before fleeing.

The other worker staying at the construction site said he had heard the Miri worker returning, and did not dare to come out while the theft was in progress.

Source: The Borneo Post

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