Cost of CRT/LCD

Hi. I just came back to miri and decided to use the backup computer. As i switched it off to save power, suddenly POP! something burst and I smell burning computer parts.

Ok. Reasonable, may be its old. It was afterall bought around 2001 or 2002. So I popped in an older CRT. Circa 1995.

Worked for a while then all a sudden POOF. Whiteness. I cant see anything at all. But I know the apps are still working under all that.

Im beginning to suspect my power supply being the cause of these problems.

Main question: do I get a CRT or an LCD? 15 inches would be sufficient. Whats the difference in price? I’ve not shopped for displays for a long time.

I don’t think you can find new 15 inch CRT anymore. Last time I checked they have only 17 inch and cost around RM250++. A 15 inch LCD right now is roughly RM400++.