Copper Theft

I believe most of us fed up with the copper theft case but can we do something for it?I had used the meta search engine to find the solution and I only manage to find 2 articles which is appropriate:

Measures under way to fight increased copper theft in state By Kate Brumback


MONTGOMERY City governments and businesses in Alabama are taking measures to combat an increase in copper theft spurred in recent months by surging prices for the metal.

Copper thieves can cause tens of thousands of dollars in damage harvesting amounts of copper that are sometimes worth as little as $10 or $20. Frequently, the thieves are small-time crooks looking to get fast cash with no trail for drugs, said Michael Briddell, executive assistant to Montgomery Mayor Bobby Bright.

On Aug. 2, Montgomery’s City Council adopted an ordinance similar to one proposed in Mobile on Tuesday. The new rules, which will go into effect Oct. 2, require those who buy scrap metal to electronically send a daily report to police. The report must include the seller’s name, address, vehicle tag number, a copy of a photo ID and a description of what was purchased.

Police will then be able to compare what is being sold to dealers with what has been reported as stolen. In that way, they will be able to act more quickly to arrest a thief.

Simply asking for all this information, Briddell said, may also work as a deterrent.

People who are fearful of being caught committing a crime aren’t very receptive to complying with that extra step, Briddell said.

In Mobile, Mayor Sam Jones on Tuesday announced a proposed amendment to city ordinances to require scrap metal dealers in Mobile to keep the names, ages and copies of photo IDs of people who sell them copper.

The amendment also requires anyone who buys copper piping, wiring or scrap in single pieces or in small lots to give police at least six hours notice. Jones said he hoped the City Council would amend the ordinances within a month.

The proposed amendment was announced just days after 15 classrooms at LeFlore High School in Mobile were flooded when thieves ripped the copper pipes from the buildings. It was the third time in six weeks that the school was a victim of copper theft.

We are not going to let these criminals cause this kind of damage anymore, Jones said in a statement. The price of the copper is not much, but the total cost to repair the damage can be immense.

Rising demand for copper, caused in part by increased manufacturing and construction worldwide, has caused a spike in copper prices across the United States and in other countries. High-grade copper sold for less than $1.75 a pound on the commodities market a year ago. On Wednesday morning, it was selling at $3.69 on the New York Mercantile Exchange.
Metals like copper represent a cyclical market, said Chuck Carr, spokesman for the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries, a national trade group representing scrap dealers. For this reason, Carr said that he doesn’t expect copper prices to stay at their current levels for much longer - they have already dropped from a peak in early May at just over $4.00 a pound.

But for now, construction sites, outdoor air conditioning units and abandoned buildings are frequent targets.

Keith Sabel of Sabel Steel in Montgomery said his business has hired extra security and taken other measures in response to increased theft of copper and other metals.

In compliance with city rules, Sabel Steel records the name, address, license plate number and photo ID of individuals selling metals.
A guy who comes in with 12 pounds of copper, you have no idea where he got it from, Sabel said in a phone interview. I think the thieves don’t come to us because they know we take that information.

Lt. Henry Irby, a spokesman for the Birmingham Police Department, said scrap metal dealers, junkyards and anyone else who deals in scrap metal in Birmingham are required to keep a log of people they buy from. They have to make a copy of a photo ID and note the name and address. This measure has been in effect for years, Irby said, and the city hasn’t taken any additional recent measures in response to rising copper theft.
The Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries is also taking strides at a national level to eliminate the problem. It asks its members and law enforcement officials to report thefts of metals by e-mail. The institute then sends an e-mail alert to its members in the state where the theft occurred and surrounding states.

The scrap industry wants to be part of the solution to the problem, Carr said. We not only have a vested interest because it’s the right thing to do but also because we’re affected. … 0a2031.htm

[quote=“psim”]Would-be copper thief electrocuted 35-year-old takes 14,000 volts while cutting through a power line at a Langley BC Hydro substation

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

LANGLEY - A 35-year-old Surrey man trying to steal copper wire was electrocuted when he cut through a high-voltage line near a BC Hydro substation in Langley, police said Monday.

“Last year we had a fellow who lost two fingers trying to steal Telus wires and now we’ve got a death,” Langley RCMP Cpl. Diane Blain said of the growing problem of metal theft across the Lower Mainland.

“They’ll steal anything that is metal,” Blain said. “It has been a problem we have been battling for a long time.”

Electrical and telephone wires are often stolen and sold to scrap metal dealers for the value of the copper.

“It is on the increase,” BC Hydro official Tarina Palmer said of copper wire thefts. “Copper prices are the highest they’ve been for some time.”

The price of copper doubled this year, hitting a record $4.04 US apound, up from $1.98 US on Jan. 1.

At about 3 a.m. Monday, a BC Hydro worker investigating a power failure in Langley found the dead man near a hydro substation at 273 Street and Gloucester Way. The man’s body was discovered in an underground junction box, which had been locked.

A preliminary investigation by police revealed the man was attempting to cut a live wire and was electrocuted by about 14,000 volts.

The man was known to police and had a criminal record. His name will be released after his family has been notified, police said.

Langley RCMP suggested one way to solve the metal theft problem is for businesses to refuse to buy from suspected thieves.

Scrap-metal dealers often say they don’t know something is stolen but they should be suspicious about a person bringing in metal using a stolen Wal-Mart shopping cart, Blain said.

“We’re asking the businesses not to buy from people pushing a shopping cart,” she said.

Langley RCMP has asked metal recycling business owners to prevent the re-sale of stolen metal by following these simple guidelines: Ask the seller for identification; record names, addresses and other contact information; pay by cheque, if possible; buy only from reputable dealers; keep a record of all transactions and refuse any suspicious transactions, which should be reported to police.

Richmond RCMP also reported a metal theft early Sunday – a $3,000 industrial-style stainless steel barbecue was taken from the lacrosse box at Steveston Park. It had been borrowed by the local Rotary club from Save-on-Foods and was being used by the concession staff at the Const. Jimmy Ng Memorial Street Hockey Tournament.

It had been secured the previous night by a chain and locked padlock.

The suspects likely used boltcutters to cut the lock or chain. The BBQ weighed more than 136 kilograms and required a truck and at least four people to move it, said Richmond Cpl. Peter Thiessen.

“It is quite likely that this theft is related to the large number of metal thefts occurring in the Lower Mainland and will be sold to a metal salvage yard,” he said. … 13&k=99395[/quote]

I myself very suspicious how far this implementation can help to curb the problem. So here I ask everyone to express your view towards this issues by your own experience or get idea from internet etc. I really hope that something can be done towards this issue.

Below is the reply from YB Andy:

TQ Poh Giap.

We have a lot of laws…good laws. However, the implementation has not been effective for many cases.

Maybe it can be really effective when we start to get NGO’s or non governmental interest groups to help monitor the implementation of these laws…with authority to obtain info for supporting further actions from higher authorities. But it will take a lot of commitment from the NGO’s concerned.

NGO in the west can really create havoc for businesses which don’t comply with laws & regulations. Whether this practice will spread to Malaysia is yet to be seen…

Whatever , we are all equally sick of the cables & phone lines thefts here. Something must be done pretty soon to bring this under control. We are all scratching our heads.


Reply from Councillor Suzanne Lee:

Dear Comrade Sim,

FIRST…There must be a demand, then the supply will come in.

We all know this well, as from council we had tried several times to have dialoges with the local scrap matel dealers, we even formed a team to do regular following up job at the site but see… these type of theft cases still happened and getting worst…This thefts ignore the laws, ingore the danger, and ignore us. They are not theft, they are robbers!

We also meet up with SESCO management and discuss this, they tried everything, more car (using their own staffs) patrolling, put up signboard, even they able to catch the thefts and reported them to the police, but these thefts will be released after 7 days and nothing happen…see, still not able to prevent further damage/ losses, so next thing we see is, other than the cooperation of the scrap matel dealer, we aslo wish our laws enforcers to put in more serious affort to help to stop this theft cases.


laws and regulation will not stop it. scrap metal dealer and other dealer that had the use of this material will ignore it and protect this thieves as they could provide them with cheaper metal. With cheaper material, they can earn a lot more. so , do u think they will care about what the government want them to do? all the extra documentation and cost to make sure the metal they got is not from the stolen goods?

Something must be done pretty soon to bring this under control. We are all scratching our heads.

All I can say is that this statement isn’t very reassuring.

Something… yea. close down the scrap metal buyers shop if they dont comply. Simple.

That’s why I say “suspicious” how far the implementation can work. I personally question it’s practicality, frankly to say.

However, I can tell you the public,mostly, won’t understand this situation or choose not to understand also.It become worst when the opposition keep bringing out the issue but still nobody know how to do.

This seem back to old question–> who should responsible for this criminal case?Thief,Police,Public,YB?

Public should form Rukun Tetangga to patrol their surrounding, is it practical in Miri city? YB represent people and keep pushing police to do something and the problem can be solved?I don’t know.

If we can not figure out the answer, then I afraid this problem may can’t be solved forever.

another solution:

CDMACode Division Multiple Access


CDMA … b7f825688c











2003915 31


Pinda akta bendung curi tembaga, besi buruk

INDUSTRI perniagaan barang lusuh dan besi buruk kini berkembang bagaikan cendawan tumbuh selepas hujan.

Menurut sumber daripada Persatuan Pengusaha Barang Lusuh dan Besi Buruk India Malaysia, pada tahun 2004 terdapat kira-kira 4,000 pengusaha barang lusuh dan besi buruk di seluruh negara dan angka ini bertambah kepada 7,600 iaitu pertambahan hampir 90 peratus.

Dalam masa yang sama, kes-kes kecurian logam dan tembaga yang dialami oleh agensi-agensi seperti TM, TNB, SYABAS, IWK dan Pihak Berkuasa Air Tempatan serta di kalangan rakyat Malaysia juga meningkat hampir 100 peratus.

Trend ini menunjukkan peningkatan jumlah pengusaha barang lusuh dan besi buruk meningkat sealiran dengan kes-kes kecurian logam dan tembaga.

Persoalannya, adakah kebanyakan pengusaha barang lusuh dan besi buruk ini membeli barang-barang curi atau adakah negara kita mempunyai begitu banyak barangan terbuang sehingga memerlukan hampir 7,600 pengusaha untuk menjalankan perniagaan barang lusuh dan besi buruk?

Sehingga ke hari ini, sepanjang pengetahuan saya tidak ada satu pun pengusaha barang lusuh dan besi buruk telah didakwa kerana membeli barangan curi ataupun premis mereka disita kerana tidak mematuhi undang-undang dan peraturan-peraturan berkaitan dengan perniagaan mereka.

Di mana salahnya? Terdapat satu akta yang mempunyai kaitan dengan pengusaha barang lusuh dan besi buruk iaitu Akta Peniaga Sekenhand 1946 di samping peraturan kecil Pihak Berkuasa Tempatan (PBT) tentang lesen premis perniagaan.


Mengikut Akta Perniaga Sekenhand 1946, agensi yang bertanggungjawab mengeluarkan lesen perniagaan barang lusuh dan besi buruk ialah Polis Diraja Malaysia (PDRM), manakala Menteri Besar/Ketua Menteri atau Menteri Wilayah Persekutuan adalah orang yang bertanggungjawab menamatkan lesen dengan sokongan PDRM.

Untuk menjadi pengusaha barang lusuh dan besi buruk pula tidak memerlukan modal yang banyak. Sebuah syarikat bertaraf enterprise tanpa modal berbayar pun boleh memohon untuk menjadi pengusaha.

Akta ini tidak menetapkan syarat-syarat yang ketat terutama dari sudut modal berbayar dan lokasi premis. Atas dasar itu, maka tumbuhlah perniagaan barang lusuh dan besi buruk di merata ceruk di seluruh negara.

Dalam masa yang sama, cawangan-cawangan perniagaan dibuka sesuka hati mengikut permintaan. Keadaan bertambah sukar apabila terdapat juga pengusaha haram yang tidak berlesen kerana tidak wujud sistem pemantauan yang komprehensif.

Pihak yang berwajib pula seperti menutup mata sebelah walaupun sering melalui lokasi-lokasi ini setiap hari dan melihat sendiri keadaan premis yang kotor dan tidak terurus.

Ada di kalangan pengusaha dengan angkuhnya mengaku membeli barangan curi kerana mahu meraih keuntungan besar. Dari segi harga pula pada tahun 2004 harga tembaga hanya RM5 sekilogram tetapi telah melonjak RM25 sekilogram pada tahun 2006.

Nilai yang dibeli daripada pencuri hanya sekitar RM5 - RM8 sekilogram manakala nilai yang dijual kepada syarikat melabur besi mencecah sehingga RM20 - RM25 sekilogram.

Para pencuri logam dan tembaga kebanyakannya ialah pendatang, penagih dadah, penganggur dan pelajar sekolah yang digunakan oleh sindiket terancang.

Mengikut statistik Kementerian Tenaga, Air dan Komunikasi, syarikat-syarikat utiliti mengalami kerugian hampir RM150 juta pada tahun 2006 akibat daripada kegiatan mencuri logam dengan kes kejadian mencapai hampir 16,000 kes.

Ini bererti nilai perniagaan untuk industri barang lusuh dan besi buruk mungkin mencapai RM200 juta jika diambil kira kerugian yang dialami oleh rakyat dan rumah-rumah ibadat yang turut menjadi mangsa kecurian.

Malang sekali kita tidak pernah mendengar pengusaha barang lusuh dan besi buruk diambil tindakan undang-undang setakat hari ini.

Yang pasti, Akta Peniaga Sekenhand 1946 terlalu banyak kelemahan. Akta ini mesti dikaji dan dipinda segera kerana sudah lapuk dan tidak sesuai untuk digunapakai bagi berdepan dengan trend perniagaan yang sangat licik.

Bentuk dan trend perniagaan tersebut telah banyak berubah dan mendatangkan banyak masalah.

Ia bukan setakat kes-kes kecurian tetapi juga telah mengganggu-gugat ekonomi, keamanan dan keselamatan negara.

Pihak kerajaan diharap mengambil langkah drastik dan berkesan untuk menangani gejala ini.

Sungai Buloh,
Selangor. … =fo_01.htm

sorry but I don’t read Chinese

I read chinese but i dont have a registered program T_T well to top this topic. i heard that day , a bank in miri had its cable stolen and they can’t operate due to those stolen cables… LOL… talk about robbery of banks… this … bank’s cables were stolen lol… i never saw that coming.

Can’t they have some safety measures where, when they cut the wires…they get electric shock.

Aha… isnt’ that kinda dangerous? It could kill ><

Ya…to shock those who steal cables.

Ya…to shock those who steal cables.

Here’s hoping.

Copper Theft are everywhere now, and looks like it’s unstoppable since our police officers only know how to enjoy coffee!

From my very own experience, I know locations where they STEAL the copper and also where the EXTRACT the copper. My friends and I are always out doing our cycling training on Thursday night, so we would usually take the Kuala Baram road as it’s very remote so there is no worry of heavy traffic. A few months ago, the road was still beautiful lighted with lights. But since COPPER THEFT has become a “TREND”, all the beautiful lights were disappeared! Definitely there was no doubt that it was all done by Copper Maniacs! So what’s more suprise is, it’s not only the copper cable they only wanna steal but also “NUTS” & “SCREW” of the lamp post and road rails! I was out cycling most of the time by myself in the afternoon, so I was suprised and got myself a good laugh looking at those disappeared materials. It’s not only the Kuala Baram road that has been"FANCY", but also a few in other parts of Miri.

So what do they do after they have stolen the copper cable? Right, it is for sure they can’t sell it right away as the rubber are still intact protecting the copper. Indeed, they have to burn the rubber in order to get the copper out (It’s the fastest solution). Suprisingly, my friends who are out mountain biking on Sunday afternoon actually saw these thieves actually burn it off in the jungle. The location is somewhere in Taman Tunku’s area (The jungle there is huge). As it is far away from the city, so it would be hard for the police or fire brigade to see the black smoke thus it is so much easier for the thieves to get their job done. But there’s a consequence behind this, BUSH FIRE or FOREST FIRE!!! That is why we get hazy weather and intense heat here in Miri. What the thieves have done do not only cause harm to drivers by wiping out the lights, but also to the environment!

Our environment is a heavy concern these days, with global warming and rising of sea level. Many places around the world are at stake including Borneo. But it is because of greed for money, our environment is not taken into concern.

Can we ever rely on the police or our government to stop such problem? I doubt it.

Police must go after the buyer of scrap metal and put them in jail. It is the same principle as buying stolen goods - the buyer will be in trouble. Without buyer, there will be no demand.