Cooking oil price increase by 50%?!

anybody heard this??the cooking oil is now out of stock!!

maybe everyone’s using it to replace their diesel.

wow great… what’s next…

cooking oil is proven can work on old car… old as in 1980’s… those KE corolla series can use cooking oil… forgot where i see the test oredy but got people try lo…

What shown on Astro Discovery Channel “Myth Buster”.

yea… heard it… most mall is out of stock now…

I thought M’sia is one of the largest exporter of palm oil. Whats Peter Chin up to huh?

Maybe just like ur avatar relaxjack…sneaking…trying to run away from the topc

hmm…cooking oil…does it include those olive cooking oil and corn cooking oil?

maybe we have to start frying food using car’s engine oil. kehkehkehkeh

ya…all those oil they say…

yaka…apuu…like that fry using margerine or planta lah…

haha…save on salt also ya?

Even the small grocery store near my house also out of stock. The store owner said around 5pm, all 5kg cooking oil bought by people… :shock: First is rice, then crude oil, now cooking oil. Wonder what will be next item?? :expressionless:

next is suger, then flour

hehheh everything increase, from now on … “kurangkan makanan berminyak” :mrgreen:

Eventually you can estimate everything will increase by 40% minimum

he seldom seen d news now…

I see newspaper today that transport fee will increase 50% too?? correct me if im wrong

it is very likely. not a myth