Continuous heavy rain causes flash floods at 5 villages

Two children playing in the flood water.

MIRI: Five villages in Tiris, Bekenu were hit by flash floods following continuous downpour on Sunday (June 7).

The affected villages are Kampung Pintasan, Masjid, Sabalik, Kepayang and Lubuk Buinih where flood water was reported to be up to three feet high after the nearby river overflowed its banks on the night of June 6.

A villager, Nurfazela Rahmin, said the flash flood was due to the very heavy downpour that started on June 6 and continued on until June 7.

“This flash flood is the worst for this year as it lashed the affected kampungs and the upper river,” Nurfazela said yesterday.

According to Nurfazela, the water was up to waist level on Sunday afternoon and many of the houses built near the river bank were flooded.

She said most of the occupants of the affected homes in the five villages located near the river bank managed to move their belongings to higher ground but some could not do so as the water level rose very fast.

However, the water level had subsided yesterday because the weather was fine and the rain had stopped.

The heavy rain also caused flash floods at a nearby longhouse.

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