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Wednesday December 5, 2007

Consignors must pay, too

LUMUT: The next time Road Transport Department (JPJ) officers stop an overloaded lorry, it wont just be the driver and vehicle owner who will have to pay.

JPJ director-general Datuk Ahmad Mustapha Abdul Rashid said a third summons would be issued as well to the consignor or owner of the goods.

It means a minimum RM1,000 fine for the consignor if the case is taken to court, or at least a RM300 compound on the spot, he told reporters at an Ops Sikal event on Monday night.

Ahmad Mustapha said the measure was necessary because overloaded lorries had been identified as a main cause of road accidents.

Even after all this time, they are still stubborn. If a lorry is overloaded, it will affect the brakes and handling, thereby endangering other road users, he said.

Summonses are usually issued to just the driver and the vehicle, but now we are sending summonses to all three. We will not compromise.

As an extra measure, Ahmad Mustapha said the enforcement officers who spotted an overloaded lorry would bar the vehicle from continuing its journey until the extra weight was removed.

The vehicle would only be allowed to proceed once another lorry arrives to relieve it of the extra weight, he added.

Use a crane, if you have to. It doesnt matter how far away the driver is. Its their offence, they should deal with it, he warned.

Information on the offending vehicles will also be forwarded to the Commercial Vehicle Licensing Board for further action, including suspension or cancellation of their goods transportation permit.

During the Ops Logo campaign from Nov 18 to Dec 4 this year, the department inspected 3,500 lorries. Of the 989 summonses issued, 894 involved overloaded lorries.

Ahmad Mustapha believed the Ops Sikal campaign which ended yesterday had helped cut down fatalities among motorcyclists and pillion riders to seven a day, as of November this year, compared to 10 deaths daily last year.