Congratulations to JPJ during Jom Heboh Festival

20v, uh , u start pointing at me now

so, are u not one sided down too? i m not the one merely blame and hate it all the way. and neither was i get angry or irritated by those so called ‘internet’ material. it was u and ur attitude… tat turn me on.

so u notice any points tat is NOT WRONG? but u only mention ’ u always get ur points wrong’ does it imply ALL i said is wrong?

i didnt say the fine is not right, my early reply to tat is , those who block or caused the congestion shoudl be fined and punished. so this clearly shows im not just 1 sided against the department … somehow you seem like the victim (if not the related officials in the department as u hav claimed ) who is 1 sided down hating the public who violates the rules. are u not?

u should think clearly and carefully b4 talking, as well as read carefully b4 u wan to reply to. i hope this helps.

dont use “turn me on” might lead to confusion.

Btw,i guess being NOT straight and cynical to the point doesnt help. What i tried to point out is, we as the people should really contribute,not just complaint. Dont think they just suka2 stand under the hot sun issuing tickets. Plus its their job,at least give credits to them as what the thread starter had done.Why have to start saying bad things about them.

Its just like when a kid donated his kidney,and you brought up his past bad attitude when he is doing good deeds.

Its just malaysian attitude that most people have.No i am not saying you but the whole people. Me,Raju Ah siong, we as malaysians. We only complaint,sit back,complaint,sit back,complaint. did we do anything? we just busy with our own lives. busy with our own business. Busy playing internet game. Busy replying to mircommunity forum. Do we care what they had to say? What they had to say when people threaten them when they issue ticket? No…People add their misery by saying a lot of things. Said they eat people’s money la what la. I know there is such cases,but you dont have to generalize. tell you the truth,I had been to a public service department before,and it aint easy job. How much only do these people earn,and what do they receive from the public everyday? hatred calls,all sorts.i do wonder how some of them control their anger.

I am not supporting the government,mind you.

  1. im being neutral, i should not go against it or the other way round as u said : one side down… then u say im not being straigt? so must it be debate where i can only support or go against it? pls define how u want it to be?

  2. how to contribute? say something nice to cheer ppl up? by just talking here? how did i complain ? ididnt say they did badly, just point out the -ve part i recall. did u read carefully if i complain?

  3. u must realise they are not doing 100% good thing in this…its like they are currently helping the boss in working while actually sneaking… tats why i dont give credit… u know wat they did this time not mean they will be doing this in other place and occasion… u do know y they did so well here this time right?

  4. i know msia like to whine a lot… and then forget it. i hav grown tired of complaining and seeing ppl complaining as well. mark tat i dont just whine like general ppl do. i dont give 1 sided statement. i do know wat u said actually is not to me but to some of them as well, but i dont like the way as well… just similar to them… cuz its eiter 1 sided complain or one sided applaud…

  5. many of us actually wish to do something… but u know the power and limit of 1 individual. and u know our only power lies in vote… and now vote is actually not as powerful as many have been dreaming of. we citizens cant do much but talk… even tat is annoying at times, but u cant help cuz terrible things happen every now and then. something like, when ur gf left u, i said dont be sad, its stupid… so u can right away and always not feel sad? never feel sad again cuz its stupid

Im not totally against each and every member or part of government, mind u =) but u felt something else from me… and so did wat ur stand is misunderstood by me when u seem to support the government.

well to sum up… actually we both should be in more similar mind and concept, but certain things bring us to debate at own different stand. I think u got my point. =D

I love it when JPJ summons those aunty with big white prado who thinks that the road belong to their husband.

anyway…i missed the jom heboh festival. i would love to go and took pictures, but assignments are all over me.

and this thursday i got the pbb youth event to cover some more… haih.

Well done to JPJ on carrying out their duties… and seizing the moment… so the can the rest of the year off… becoz enuf summons and already hit their target for the rest of 2008…

i think the next Jom Heboh, is either no one will be there…or everyone will be using bicycles… :lol: :lol:

dont la hate to see those road block…hehehehe…i tot u love them…so that u can vrooooommm your 4age in front of them… :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, JPJ did a great job. But hell, after the concert, you should see how clean boulevard is. :slight_smile:

On a different note…Congraulations to the Police too.They manage to cripple a snatch theft syndicate (family of husband ,wife and a son) on the 2nd day of Jom Heboh.They also confsicated a Gen 2 car with lots of bags inside the boot.This was done after the public complained lot of snatch thefts on the first day…(Source: Borneo Post, 5/11/07).

I wonder the Gen 2 was the same car which did the dare devil stunt on the Miri bypass road last week.It was an orange colour car.

these kind of snatcher perhaps dont have anything better to do.if you want some money,find a job,if u dont have the qualification,dont have the money,register with the welfare department.haha

what will happen to the newly tar car park? drift events? or any events in the future? so wide,so open…ahhhh