Confusing.... Graphic Card


NVIDIA GeForce 610M or NVIDIA GeForce 7900? Which better? :?: :?:

NV7600 used to be a high end card 6 years ago.
Overall perfomance, NV7900 is better than NV610M.
But, since you are asking for a laptop, laptops that comes with NV7900, well …kinda old tech with the Core2duo processor. Better get the NV610m laptop. … 759.0.html … 133.0.html

oh…ok bro…thanks again…actually y i always asking for the good laptop becos currently im using Acer Iconia 6120 and very upset with the performance now…sigh…

What’s ur budget? if RM2k can consider Acer Aspire V3-471G comes with Nvidia GT630M much better than 610M