Confinement lady

(chooley) #1

Due in August 2015 and am looking for confinement lady, …anyone have any contacts? Thanks…

(summer sunshine) #2

Hi @chooley
I saw @seiko posted in jobs that her mom provides confinement service. You might want to check out her posting and threads. Congratulations on the baby and all the best for confinement lady hunting lol :smiley:

(summer sunshine) #3

Sorry just noticed you’ve asked her

(Hacker_888) #4

(chooley) #5

Hi @summer. thanks for your reply. I found one right after I sent this post. well, not immediately but after a couple of days…i manage to find one whom is available…

(Cecilia) #6

Dear Summer:

I am not looking for confinement lady but a Chinese lady helper that can help with house chores day time. Cooking n taking k of my three kids a aged 12, 9 n 5 (not babies lol). Anyone is interested ? Which channel is best to look for this kind of lady? Can get them to call my hubby Tiong at 013-8393799. Miri near Generak Hospital

(Jane Poh) #7

Hi, do you still have the contact of the confinement lady? Can you email me the details at