Condoms in school bags


Monday, May 14th, 2007

Condoms in school bags
By Patrick Joseph

Tiong makes thunderbolt announcement alleging boarding students are doing part-time prostitution
MEMENTO: Ujang (left) gives Tiong a souvenir.

BINTULU: Yet another bombshell from Datuk Seri Tiong King Sing. This time he alleges that there are students doing part-time prostitution in town.

The Bintulu Member of Parliament said it had been brought to his attention that there were girl students here who were bringing condoms in their school bags.

I got this information yesterday (Friday) that there are some girl students doing part-time prostitution here, Tiong said at the Dayak Chamber of Commerce and Industrys pre-Gawai dinner-cum-launching of Permodalan Dayak Berhad (PDB) on Saturday evening.

I was told that these girls even bring with them condoms inside their school bags! And they are boarding students, said the Justice of Peace who runs a very active service centre here. It is understood that his latest finding came to light because of the numerous volunteers and informers who were too willing to help the MP in his fight against immoral activities and crimes in town.

Words of the involvement of students in prostitution were passed on to the MP when he conducted a two-hour check on students playing truant in cybercafes here last Friday.

The Borneo Post was made to understand that Tiong was shocked to find 13 secondary students, who were supposed to be attending classes, surfing the Internet and playing computer games in town.

Two of them were just 11 years old, he said with disbelief and asked why the parents of these children were not aware of what was happening to their children.

He said if, at that age, they were so bold by not attending classes and instead spending all their study time in cybercafs he dreaded to think of what else these students could do.

Initially I thought of sending them to the police station, but decided instead to give them a stern warning first. But there will be no second time, I will have them sent to the police station if I see them at it again, he said.

From the police station, the students will call their parents to pick them up, warned Tiong.

He said he would continue to conduct more checks and monitor places like cybercafs in town to make sure that students were at class when they were expected to.

He warned them that he would be keeping a close check on their actrivities and that he would not hesitate to recommend stern action against those caught involved in the flesh trade.

A couple of months back, Tiong made his first shocking announcement when he told Parliament that gangterism was wielding so much power in the State that they were even controlling prices of commodities and essentials. That announcement started off a frenzy of sorts among the police who even sent in personnel from Bukit Aman to pull the plug on organised crimes.

Tiong also praised DCCI for being active in guiding and looking after Dayak entrepreneurs interests.

He allocated RM20,000 to DCCI to help it fund its activities like seminars and tradeshows.

Tiongs hosts yesterday were DCCI Sarawak president Datuk Amar Leonard Linggi Jugah, Bintulu Development Authority (BDA) deputy chairman and DCCI advisor Dato Sri Celestine Ujang Jilan, Dato Sri Daniel Tajem, Datuk Timothy Wan Ulok and the organising chairman Paul Raja.

Wonder if education ministry have people going around checking on student’s not going to schools…i think Western countries has it…truancy officer…well…they must find out why they r in to part time pros…maybe ‘forced’ into it (i.e parents owe money to loan sharks).

d last time i check, we dun hv age limit 2 purchase condoms…

the sarawak society is in a mess now. first gangsterism and now student prostitution?

there must be something really wrong. crime are going up, the sarawak economy are no whr near a lot of state in west malaysia, SMI hardly grow… :?

really kah no age limit to buy condom @@!

In my old school days, believe it or not, I luv to blow up colorful condoms as unbreakable balloons…meeeooow!

Hey, look at the bright side. Safe-sex practice > up!

No age limits to buy condoms as it’s for safety protection … hahha …

The education ministry should study why students are more prone to ponteng and going for bohsia, lepak activities rather than staying in school …

is it because the pupils are too boring of the study materials? teacher are too naggy?