Concerns over delay of road project

The state authorities must set a legally-binding deadline for the delivery of important projects such as building road where many people are affected.

A good example is the upgrading of the Marudi-Miri road, which serves as the only land link for more than 30,000 people in the Marudi district with the outside world.

This project has been going on for many years and has yet to be completed.

Repair works are being carried out at numerous sections of the road.

The contractor had said there would be no more delay in the project.

The distance from Miri to Marudi is only about 60km but the present road has been in horrendous shape for more than four decades amid abuse by heavy vehicles. For the ordinary folk, travelling on this mud-and-gravel road is a risky affair.

Despite its poor condition, this mud-and-gravel road is the socio-economic link for Marudi folk with Miri.

It serves the people from dozens of settlements in Miri and Baram.

Everytime when it rains the road will be flooded, sometimes with mud.

The delay in the repair and upgrading works over the years is taking too long despite repeated annnouncements by the authorites that the project was progressing.

The state government must step in and be committed towards completing this project fast.

Authorities involved must monitor the progress made by the contractor daily.

The government can start by setting a compulsory timeframe for the contractor to complete the project.