Concern at University of Wales overseas degrees

Fazley the artis run the college

i never i heard fico college b4. dont risk your future if the ipt offers uncertified courses.

Miri got international university (Curtin university), why dun go there le? affordable ma. no need to worry

are u sure curtin is affordable? :wink:

Overkill :twisted:

ive completed my degree for rm12k. curtin costs 10x times than that. :twisted:

of course, its cheaper to study the same course here than to pay the foreign exchange rate in perth. end of the day, the cert still comes as international.
Hey, me not curtin staff leh. not selling anything here. just did the calculation for my friend’s anak to study.
stay here, eat here, study here. why not? cheaper ma. no place like malaysia, especially the food & culture

yup… my fren went to uk for degree in mech eng. average expenditure rm100k per year including pocket money, food and so on. not including flight ticket.

if a person goes for interview, the interviewer see the cert. 1 candidate from fazley college, and the other candidate from curtin university. who would the interviewer likely to choose leh? i guess would be the candidate from curtin ba. Miri’s big corporation also got social responsibilties role to play in support towards the uni. Any how, my friend will send the anak to study in curtin miri next year

intercommnication skill also important. if the candidate from curtin doesnt know how to ‘sell’ him/herself, then the job belongs to fico exstudent.

haha, r u trying to justify for yourself?
yes, i believe you are right also :wink:

no justifying… this is the truth. student nowadays cant depend on IPT name to succeed. i was a student too and gonna be a student again in few months. been employed several times before and know how tough to find a job in miri. :wink:

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lols all no need study lar~~!!