Complaints about haze get Dr Chan hot under the collar

what is ‘pembenihan awan’ ?

what is ‘pembenihan awan’ ?[/quote]

Cloud seeding, a form of weather modification, is the attempt to change the amount or type of precipitation that falls from clouds, by dispersing substances into the air that serve as cloud condensation or ice nuclei, which alter the microphysical processes within the cloud.

In another word, making rain!

cloud seeding lah haiishh…

so reporting complain to opposition blog works, what are we waiting for … quickly go shoot complains there …!! ahhah

what do you mean by haiishh???

WHat workers toil long hours? I was there and only ONE fire truck with 3 so called firemen who had no idea how to fight the fire! GAWD! Even offshore personnel knows better! Perhaps it is time to take a look at the Fire Dept’s Syllabus and also our so called DOE who apparently has their monitoring station near piasau and not in Baram >.< lolx

Well, long time no see, dennos!

Dunno what will happen to the Curtin student who complaints with DAP?
Will George Chan ask someone to investigate and then try to expell this student or make him fail his papers… Don’t forget that Curtin is owned by the State Government and Chan & Lee KS is one of the directors there.

good luck to you too :twisted:

you ask those SMTC or MSTS guys to show their skills and fight the fire

complain to DAP sure can get some attention n some government department to work…

government should educate farmers/plantation company/palm oil about opening burning n its implication…

chan should do better la…every year jerebu but no improvement…

don’t blame farmer lah…it is nature disaster. It not logic they(farmer) burn all the bushes along miri bypass road

It’s corporate who pays undertable funds to get the clearance to burn, and somehow out of hand. Yes it is not logic small farmer can burn all bushes along miri bypass but fire spreads and it’s not easy to tackle especially if it involves underground fire. With heat, even one cigaratte can burn down the whole forest!

Authority should catch those responsible and impose huge fines, but hey they are corrupted. About Chan, don’t know how he get his “DR” as he talks without using his brain. He only gets a job as we taxpayers give one to him, and he’s not doing it well enough.

old skool farmer still slash n burn

but plantation company openly burn bigger land…

i once reported open burning to NREB a few months ago and yet when i passed that area a few weeks ago…still got open burning…

right after jambatan suai at coastal road…huge land was cleared using slash n burn technique

[quote=“haroldz”]plantation company openly burn bigger land…

This is what I am talking about, those in charge of these companies should have their license stripped off.

yes…plantation company do create pollution when they are clearing the land… but in long term… plantation = oil palm = oxygen… oil palm is a tree…so it do create oxygen in long term replacing back the pollution…and oil palm is one of the important economy factor in sarawak .

Plantation is not a problem, neither is palm oil. However burning is. The harm it does outweigh the benefits, especially when it is related to your health, once the damaged is done it’s not easy to reverse. Say someone get asthma from the haze, it will be with them for life even after your palm trees eventually grow up 5 years later. Medicines are economy factor but you won’t allow people to infect you or your population in purpose just for them to sell their medicine will you? Do not blinded by corporate greed, burning is a short cut (so they can minimise their cost and maximise their profit) they have other ways to clear the forest if they want to, learn from advanced coutries.

Another issue with palm plantation is that you clear down the natural forest and plant with one species, that create imbalance in the ecosystem. It only leads to disaster.

[quote=“gibafulatata”][quote=“haroldz”]plantation company openly burn bigger land…

This is what I am talking about, those in charge of these companies should have their license stripped off.[/quote]

Opss… what I meant was those in charge should be hanged (for their greed & immoral), while their companies license stripped off. :evil:

those plantation company cant wait ma…and how would clear up land using green way then…? it would take 5 to 6 year for wood to compost .by that time …new tree already grow up lo…haha… peace peace… just people haven invented a system to make clearing land to be green…

If there’s a will there’s a way. It’s their corporate responsibility to do it in a morally acceptable way. No green way? I don’t hear American or European farmer burn down to plant. The point is, if we have irresponsible corporate we need strong authority to tackle them but what we have is corrupted. Trees do not compose in 5 year. With right condition they will be gone in 5 months. They also burn trees in europe, but in powerplant. If this stupid corporate don’t have the expertise to properly manage plantation (including land clearing and waste management) then they shouldn’t be given a license to do so. Simple as that. If they get a license someone somewhere must be bribed. Eh?